The Choctaw Muskogee Yamassee Nation of California Presents Investigative Journalist Doug Sivad, "Muskoga: Seminole Indians of Mexico and Texas", At the Gentle Barn, 15825 Sierra Hwy., Santa Clarita, California, October 11, 2014     / / /   New Release!! "Muskoga: Black Seminole Indians of Mexico and Texas", The Book ~ Coming Soon

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    Rothila ~ a west african marketplace, or store

"Hurt and angry for not being selected as Chief of Chiefs for the tribe, and the Mexican government's wishes that the Seminole utilize their land grant at Parras, John rounded up his Cimarone and Black Indian supporters, and from May through August left Nacimiento, traveling over two hundred miles through mountain passes in the Sierra Madre and past Mount Clover (Monclava). They settled at El Laguna de Parras, (the Lake of Grapevines), establishing the village of El Burro there. With Felipe Alvarez (Felip Fay) in charge, John Horse took the main body of one hundred and fifty men, women, and children, leaving John Kibbitt, his second in command, with a hundred remaining followers at Nacimiento. From "Muskoga Seminole Indians of Mexico & Texas," by Doug Sivad (to be released soon) SWACK  ^  NEW! Historical Notes Past

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~Some History & Lore~

Some Notes on Pre-Colonial West Africa

Ancient African Voyages to the "lands of the setting sun"

Evolution: Black Seminole Indians
Istoko - A Seminole Folktale

In Indian Territory
Black Seminole Indians - the Freedmen

Into Coahuila, Mexico New names, new families, new culture, new life.

Texas - Back In The U.S.A.
Same ol' story, same ol' lies

Muspa Underground Railroad to Mexico

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Muskoga Seminole Indians of Mexico & Texas--A Lecture

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The Black Seminole Indians of Mexico & the Mascogo
Plus BONUS History
Muskogee Indian Underground Railroad to Mexico

Black Seminole
Indians of Texas

A Bibliography
Black Seminole Indians
Mexico & Texas

Gone To Croatan
Origins of American Dropout Cultures

Ron Sakolsky & James Kroenlin


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